The Way We Work

Harriet & Chuck Vaughan

Harriet & Chuck Vaughan

  • Most of our business comes from referrals, generally by a telephone call. We do as much of an assessment as possible during the phone call, determining the nature of the situation:  Does this involve downsizing? Aging-in-place? Or a home being closed out?
  •  If downsizing, where is the existing home? Where is the proposed relocation? What is the state of readiness? What is the time frame? Are there support people such as family members, caregivers, geriatric case worker, or other helpers?
  • If the client is not relocating, what kind of assistance can we provide to help this person remain at home? Is there a need for ongoing maintenance and monitoring? Is it a one-time service to make the home ready for hospital discharge?
  •  Who will be paying?
  • Can the client afford the service?
  • Can we work with the time frame?
  • Is there a family member or someone else who would like information such as a brochure or other printed information?

If this is a situation where our services could help, we then set up a home visit. During the initial visit we take a tour of the home and listen to the client in order to gain their perspective on what needs to be done, i.e. the desired outcome. If appropriate, we will get in touch with family members. We then develop a proposal for services and pricing options.

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