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Maine is among the ten most expensive states for assisted living care

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Ten Most Expensive States for Assisted Living Care Washington, D.C.—$82,674 Alaska, Delaware tied—$66,000 New Jersey—$65,160 Connecticut—$63,468 Massachusetts—$62,964 Maine—$59,400 Rhode Island—$58,740 Hawaii—$57,000 New Hampshire—$52,470On the other end of the spectrum, Georgia and Missouri are tied for cheapest states for median annual assisted living costs at $30,000, with Arkansas, South Carolina, and Alabama all coming in beneath $35,000. Median costs for a private room in a skilled nursing facility are even steeper, ranging from $57,000 on the low end in Oklahoma to $130,670 in New York and nearly $5,000 more in Hawaii, topped by $240,900 in Alaska.While home healthcare is often touted as a less expensive alternative than institutional care, Genworth’s cost of care map for home health services demonstrates that it’s only cheaper if round-the-clock care isn’t needed for a long period of time. The national median annual cost for home health aide services is $45,188, with Louisiana on the low end of the spectrum at $34,320 and Massachusetts and Hawaii at the high end, above $57,000 a year.

via 10 Most Expensive States for Assisted Living – Senior Housing News.