Manifesto 4 – Be Kind to Yourself “no shame – no blame”

  • Some items bring unhappy memories. You might want to keep mementos of sad memories but do you need the ones that needlessly cause you pain?
  • Some items may revive family conflicts.
  • Letting go of the past may free you up to face the future.
  • Forgiveness is a wonderful gift, both for others and yourself.
  • Lots of items are kept because they represent unfinished projects or unfulfilled potential. Can you release them and yourself from the commitments?

Manifesto # 1 – You need to be going through your stuff.

Manifesto # 2 – Sorting is therapy.

Manifesto # 3 – Everything has a story to tell.

Manifesto # 5 – Some people will be unhappy.

Manifesto # 6 – “Fairness” varies.

Manifesto # 7 – It’s Yours, not theirs.