Manifesto 2 Sorting is Therapy

  • Every item has a history for you.
  • This is an opportunity to let things go.
  • You re-frame memories in ways that serve you better.
  • Use items as “writing prompts” and write a memoir.
  • Are there people whom you need to forgive? Even people who are no longer living? Write them letters in your journal. You can later tear them up…or keep them.

Manifesto # 1 – You need to be going through your stuff

Manifesto # 3 – Everything has a story to tell

Manifesto # 4 – Be kind to yourself…no shame – no blame

Manifesto # 5 – Some people will be unhappy

Manifesto # 6 – ” Fairness” varies

Manifesto # 7 – It’s your’s, not their’s