Without a Plan

When Lucille’s family got the phone call from the hospital they were not expecting it. The sudden crisis threw everyone’s life into a spin. Many plans had to be hurriedly cancelled or changed. All of them had busy, stressed-out lives and this added one more load to carry, not that anyone blamed Lucille. It was just that when they learned that she would not be returning to her home the enormity of it hit everyone at the same time. There was the house, full to the gills with her stuff, and no one living in it. So now they were faced with making decisions without much information and everyone was on a tight schedule. Should they just lock the place up and agree to meet there again at some future, more convenient time? Oh, what about the cat? Did anyone recall if the cat was still alive and where it would hide if strangers entered the house? Who takes orphaned cats these days? What about Lucille’s car? Should it be left in the garage? Where are the keys? When did it have any maintenance? Who did she get to take care of it? What about keeping the grass mowed? They certainly didn’t want the place to look unoccupied and attract thieves or squatters. Did Lucille pay her own bills? Who will take over her finances? Can they be trusted? Does anyone know if she left a will?

Or, if she isn’t dead, but needs continual nursing care, what will finance it? Can her assets be liquidated? What are they worth? Who did she want to have her things? How long will it take to clear up her estate? Does her home need a lot of repairs in order to be saleable?

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