The Three Mental Tools That Help with Letting Things Go

When it comes to downsizing to move or downsizing to live comfortably in your present home, it can be tough to make decisions about what to keep and what to let go. Some people become accidental hoarders just from bringing things home from Senior Expos, all those goodie bags full of samples and helpful information. When it is time to make decisions about getting rid of stuff the brain fog creeps in.

Here are three mental toughness tools to use to strengthen your resolve.

  1. Your commitment scale
  2. Your mantra “no shame – no blame”
  3. Your new ability to think like a ghost

Here’s how it works…you come across an item you know you should get rid of, let’s say an aged unfinished craft project. The commitment scale is adopted from the pain scale you see in doctors’ offices. On a scale of 1 to 10 how committed are you to finishing this project? Let’s say its been in a closet for several years. If you think it is a “10” then you are very committed to finishing it and will start immediately. If it is a “1” then you’ll have no problem sending it on its way. It’s that gray area between 1 and 10 where the decision making is difficult.

 Perhaps the knowledge of how much you paid for it creates guilt for you at the thought of letting it go. This is where repeating “no shame- no blame” can lessen the trauma.  Even if it was very expensive, that money has already been spent. It doesn’t put the money back into your pocket to hang on to it. You are a different person now than you were then and your interests have changed.

If this isn’t enough, then imagine yourself to be a ghostly observer as your belongings are sorted and removed by family members or hired clean-out specialists. How will they view this item? What will they do with it? At this time the decision is yours. Deal with it.

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