Ambition is different after middle age

The hour glass of life has more sand in the bottom than in the top. Ambition now looks more like leaving a legacy. The type of legacy I’m describing isn’t one directly written by me, but is the description of me by others to be given as a eulogy some day.

I am finding that I want to reduce my many interests to the tried and true ones that have sustained me through six full decades. I am a minimalist by nature, but I like to think of it as being a “conduit”. Good things come into my life all the time. So do bad things. But nothing has to stay. This is especially true of possessions. Anyone who gives me a gift should not expect to see it constantly displayed. I tend to enjoy things for a while then hand them on. At any moment I could pack up my favorite things for a life on the road in a recreational vehicle. That’s an unlikely event considering who I am married to.

So, back to ambition and that eulogy…I would like to be thought of as a quiet, in-the-background support person. I am no longer willing to head up community endeavors, although I will contribute in some way if asked. That is quite a departure from the middle-aged version of myself. These days I make a decision based on whether the end result is worthy of the required energy expenditure.

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